Loan despite limited employment contract

At the house bank, nobody will get a loan despite a temporary employment contract and will always get a rejection. Due to the temporary employment contract, the creditworthiness is limited and therefore the most important basic requirement for lending is not guaranteed. It is different on the free financial market.

Creditworthiness is irrelevant here and anyone can apply for a loan from private donors or Swiss banks despite a temporary employment contract. Even in difficult cases, there is no fear of rejection and you can show the lender real collateral instead of creditworthiness. Whether with real assets, capital-forming insurance or a guarantee, the loan is granted, the collateral corresponds to the amount of the loan applied for and is therefore acceptable to the lender.

The free financial market and its advantages

The free financial market and its advantages

In contrast to state banks, it is not only the creditworthiness for free financial service providers that is unimportant. Long waiting times also do not arise and the applicant can expect approval for his unbureaucratic online application within 24. The application for a loan despite a temporary employment contract must be filled in truthfully and sent online with all the important information for the lender.

The information on collateral is also requested directly in the application, since this serves as the basis for the decision-making criteria for an approval. In particularly difficult cases and without own possession, an applicant can name a guarantor at the lender and thus be predestined for a license.

The guarantor is only held liable if the actual borrower is in arrears with the payment or the installment is no longer paid to the lender. Since a temporary employment contract is always associated with financial difficulties and an uncertain future, you should carefully consider what amount you really need and how you can secure the loan despite a temporary employment contract before you apply.

The fast payment and unbureaucratic processing give a borrower enormous advantages and can also use the loan to meet urgent bills or unforeseen high expenses.

Find the right loan

Find the right loan

In the case of a loan despite a fixed-term employment contract, a comparison as the basis for the decision is of great importance. Only if the loan is convincing with low interest rates and flexible contractual conditions will it be characterized as cheap and advantageous. The online comparison is possible free of charge and allows a direct comparison of different offers.

In this way, an overly expensive offer can be excluded and transparency can be brought into relevant loans. As soon as you have received the approval and signed the contract, the loan is paid out to the borrower and can therefore be used at short notice.

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