Balance overdraft by credit.


Many have it and many also use it – the overdraft facility. The small appendage to the current account, which allows you to spend more money than you actually have available. The bad awakening comes when the interest for the overdraft falls due.

Because these are very high and therefore significantly reduce the money available every month. If you only use the overdraft facility from time to time, this is not a major problem. However, if you are constantly relying on it, you should consider whether a loan would not be advisable to compensate for the overdraft facility.

Settlement of overdraft credit by credit

Settlement of overdraft credit by credit

Balancing the overdraft facility with a loan is not a new invention by the banks. Rather, more and more people are doing this, who are already clearly in the debit and no longer see any other way to get out of the overdraft of the current account. Because it is often the high interest rates that ensure that the money that could be used to reduce the debt is missing.

So if you decide to offset the overdraft facility with a loan, you not only get rid of the high interest rates quickly, but also have a real chance of eliminating the debt in the foreseeable future.

An installment loan helps

An installment loan helps

If you want to offset your overdraft facility with a loan, you should rely on a conventional installment loan. This goes hand in hand with low interest rates. In addition, it can be perfectly adapted to the debts of the overdraft facility. So you don’t have to borrow more than you actually need.

If desired, the installment loan can be given a long term. This has the advantage that the monthly financial burdens are too high. You can pay off the debt in peace and you don’t have to do without a comfortable life.

A suitable installment loan can be found either at the bank that also has the current account or at any other bank. The offers are particularly diverse in this area, so a thorough comparison is essential. You should do this with the help of a comparison calculator on the Internet if possible, so that you can really compare as many offers as possible.

When choosing, you should not only pay attention to the interest rate, but also to quick availability. The longer you use the overdraft facility, the longer you have to pay the high interest rates. If the installment loan is quickly available for the compensation, you can quickly replace the expensive loan with the significantly cheaper one and thus save a lot of money.


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